Happy Holidays from CILTA and Thank You!

posted Dec 24, 2014, 1:35 PM by Loren Easter

Happy Holidays to our fellow trail aficionados, friends, and families!

Thank you for all the great gifts of support, encouragement, and enthusiasm for trail advocacy that you have shared with CILTA over the past year.  What a great year it has been!  We kicked the year off early with some organizational development and a trail building session that would set the stage for the year’s big event.  In May we were fortunate to host the International Mountain Bicycling Association Trail Care Crew.  Their visit accomplished more new trail, advocate education, and exceptional relationship building with our local land managers and civic leaders.  CILTA continued through the year to build on these relationships and maintain our sponsored trail systems.  Support to CILTA, as part of the IMBA Chapter Program, rounded out the year with award of a grant for trail improvement at Lewis Memorial Acres and a Strategic Trail Plan for the CILTA region, professionally produced by IMBA Trail Solutions.  These last two items are the gifts under the tree(s) from CILTA, to our growing trails community.  In the new year we intend to put the grant dollars and Trail Plan to work towards accomplishing our promise of more single track trails.  Thanks again for your support.  Happy Holidays. 

Your Central Illinois Trails Association Executive Board.