Hello Trails Users

posted Jun 6, 2013, 10:42 AM by slmrides   [ updated Jun 6, 2013, 10:44 AM ]
I hope that this finds everyone doing well and getting some responsible trail use in. Not sure if everyone has checked out the Facebook page lately, but Loren Easter posted a few great photos from his recent trip out west. Thanks for making us all jealous of dry trails and I hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed mowing your 5' tall grass upon your return :) (Just kidding, somewhat) 
A couple updates:

We are rapidly approaching our monthly meeting next Monday, June 10th at the Lewis Memorial Acres trails. It will be a short one of about 15-20 mins. and then the plan is to get some trail work done, ride, or run. So come out and hear what's being discussed and lend a hand. (If we need to change the venue for the meeting due to weather we will be at Floyd's at 6:30. I will send out an email around 1 if that is the case so make sure you check for it. Bring any small tools, loppers, rakes, etc. that you have to use if needed. )

If you have not checked it out yet, our website is up and running with some great information on it. A HUGE THANKS goes out to Shawn McKinny for getting us going. He put a bunch of time into it and it looks awesome. It is not finished yet so let us know if you have some things to add to it and we will get it taken care of. A couple of notes though:
  • You can register and pay your membership dues on the webpage. Please spread the word about memberships as we can not file with IMBA and get their insurance to get some work done until reach a certain number of paid memberships.
  • You can find directions to the Lewis Memorial Trails for Mondays meeting on the webpage under the trails link.
  • You can check out upcoming mtb races under the "Rides and Races" tab and upcoming trail runs under the "Runs and Races" tab
We are still in need of volunteers for the July Tri's. We have 7 signed up to help out right now and would like to be around the 20 range. I know that there are a lot on this email list that are members of the tri group and already working the events. So to all the fat tire riders out there, let's help our fellow trail friends out and volunteer. The date is July 27 at Lake Springfield. Let me know ASAP and I will add your name to the list.
We hope to see everyone on Monday night. Enjoy the trails responsibly and have fun!
Colin Kuchy
CILTA Secretary