"How can I help?" - CILTA seeks to bring more singletrack!

posted Jan 25, 2015, 6:38 PM by Loren Easter   [ updated Jan 25, 2015, 6:44 PM ]
Many have seen the recent CILTA posts anticipating trail reroutes around Lick Creek. Thank you for your responses! This is what we need to confidently move forward with work days. The question has been asked, "How can I help?"

In CILTA's efforts to bring more singletrack trails to the Springfield area, there are many areas of need.

1) Become a CILTA member (and IMBA member at the same time!). Remember, mountain biking is a variable in the equation, the answer is greater trail opportunity! http://www.cilta.org/join-cilta Increased membership means better leverage with civic leaders, grant providers, retailers, and land managers. Also, pays the insurance bill so that we can have great association events and trailbuilding days toward accomplishing more singletrack.

2) Let CILTA know your interest areas and capabilities. For example, we are currently interviewing for the Treasurer position on our executive board. Are you good with tracking the numbers and paying the bills? Lawyer? Planner? Landscaper? Builder? More energy than you know what to do with when not trail hiking, running, or biking? Learn what it takes to accomplish trails:  https://www.imba.com/resources/trail-building
We need your help!

3) The 'Human' resources help to leverage the 'material' resources. Do you have access to trail advocacy and/or trailbuilding resources? You can help by bringing opportunities/resources/capabilities to the table. As a 501(c)(3) Educational Nonprofit Organization, donated resources can be receipted and claimed: Printing resources, trail signage, treated lumber, trailbuilding tools and equipment, and advocacy event supplies, for example.

4) As previously posted, trail building can be accomplished in primarily three ways: 1) hand build by volunteers; 2) volunteer fundraising for full professional build; 3) combination professional trailbuilding company and volunteer effort. Emphasis on the 'volunteer'! It takes people power. Watch for dates of trailbuilding days and attend. If you know of 'groups' that we can get involved for public service or other project credit, we welcome the assistance. 

CILTA trails are your trails. Our pathways to fun, fitness, and the great outdoors. Personal investment can only help to make them better and more abundant! Thank you.