Just a short update on things..

posted May 22, 2013, 8:55 AM by slmrides
Who would have thought that a website was an integral part of trail building?  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but either way we are the Central Illinois Trails Association and we have one: www.CILTA.org! The two words that come to mind are TREASURE HUNT!  What treasure do you seek and will you find it at www.CILTA.org…or maybe get closer given the information provided?  I think it is safe to admit that “More Singletrack Trails for Springfield” is what got you this far.  Assuming this is the treasure you seek, what should our treasure map look like. We provided one clue called the Strategic Calendar hidden in plain view on your www.CILTA.org home page.  If you take the opportunity to apply this ‘clue’ to the overall treasure hunt don’t hesitate to insert yourself and see where it will lead you.  Enjoy perusing www.CILTA.org and check back when you can to see the work in progress.  I am headed out for a ride and will return with more content for the site.
- Loren