Support Human Powered Trail development in Central Illinois

posted Nov 17, 2014, 10:00 PM by Loren Easter   [ updated Nov 17, 2014, 10:03 PM ]

Mountain bikers, hikers, and trail runners have a unique opportunity to help expand trail mileage in and around Springfield, Illinois.  Take action!  Get involved with the Central Illinois Trails Association (CILTA) to let local land managers and stakeholders know that you support development of purpose built and maintained trail systems. CILTA urges trail riders, runners, and hikers who enjoy natural surface trails for human powered recreation to express their interest in seeing more trail opportunities within the community.

This is a significant opportunity to not only expand experiences for trail users in the Central Illinois region, but to continue to demonstrate that varied user groups can be compatible with one another, share values, and responsibly share recreational trails. CILTA is a local leader in working with local, state, and federal land agencies on the management and development of multi-use, natural-surface trails, and intends to be actively involved in planning for a broader trails community in and around Springfield.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit Chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling association, CILTA ideally leverages an abundance of resources tied to off road cycling while seeking to provide natural surface trail opportunities that serve the community at large. 

Natural surface trail recreation offers Americans a healthy exercise opportunity and a connection to the natural environment, both of which tie directly into the goals and values of America’s Great Outdoors and the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign.

According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation, bicycling is the number-one gateway activity that gets kids outside and interested in outdoor activities.

Improving bicycling opportunities can help promote tourism and economic development for nearby communities.

Mountain bikers are active volunteers, and could offer much-needed love to existing trails requiring repairs. Last year, IMBA members alone volunteered 707,000 hours on public lands, valued at $15.6 million. The IMBA U.S. network conducts more than 3,000 trail projects annually that build and maintain 23,000 miles of trails, most of them multi-use.

Please consider supporting the efforts of the Central Illinois Trail Association through membership, advocacy activities, approved trail building, or any number of opportunities that may meet your particular interests and abilities.